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  • Giving Out the Value Instead of Food in Expiation Date: 20-1-2019

    Asalamo aleikoum. I have many oaths to pay but the problem is that I do not know exactly the price for each poor. I live in Algeria and I do not have a family that I feed as Im not married so how can I know the price for each poor. I know that the best thing is to give it as food and not cash but there is an imam who takes the job of feeding peopl so.. More

  • Dispute About The Place of Prayer Date: 20-1-2019

    As Salam Alae kumI have a question and I want Islamic view on thisOne gentleman purchased 2 flats but the flats were in the name of 2 individuals who were part of a trust. He wanted them to prepare this place for offering salah for muslims of all sect and may be this was the reason why he did not purchase the flat in the name of the trust. In this part.. More

  • Needs to Go to Places Where There Is Music Date: 20-1-2019

    Assalamu Alaykum. We know that it is prohibited to sit in a place where people are sinning like listening to music. I got some fatwas saying that it is permissible to sit there if there is a need. Meaning a not a big or dire need. A small need like a muslim wants to cool down in a hot day. Goes into a air conditioned room, ovwr there peole are listening.. More

  • Wants to Commit Zina as He Can’t Marry Date: 20-1-2019

    Assalamu alaykum my respected sheikhs, I am a 16 year old boy living in a western country. I come from a religious family that truly cares for me. I’m overly attracted to the opposite gender and I’m seriously considering having sexual intercourse with a girl even though I know the consequences of this action. I’m very confused and I don’t know.. More

  • Prophet Married ‘Aa’ishah When She Reached Puberty Date: 16-1-2019

    As salamu Alaikumdear respected scholar,what about the ruling about the aisha, did she get puberty before coming to prophet muhammad or not? as some atheists are claiming that prophet muhammad did intimate with aisha before she got puberty..please clarify my point.. .. More

  • Visiting Taj Mahal Date: 16-1-2019

    Assalam ala kaum, I m from India I want to ask a question. Can I visit Tajmahal for visiting purpose.Jazakhallah khair .. More

  • Mathematical Numbers are not Expressions or Metaphors of Divorce Date: 16-1-2019

    Asalam O alaikum! Can mathematical numbers also be considered as metaphors for divorce? For example a person is calculating taxes and he is writing numbers in calculator or computer for the purpose and intention of calculating taxes and he gets a wawasa about metaphors for divorce but his intention is to work. Can those numbers also be considered as.. More

  • Mortgage to Buy House in America Date: 16-1-2019

    What is the fatwa on mortgage to buy house in america .. More

  • A Female Doctor Practicing In Ultrasound Date: 8-1-2019

    Asalam-o-AlaikumI have seen many videos (Youtube) and Q/A on your site explaining that a male doctor should see male and a female doctor should see female patients until there is no option available. If there is no female doctor then a female patient can go to a male doctor.My wife is a doctor and she is practicing as Sonologist (Ultrasound). Masha.. More

  • Must Observe Hijab in Front of an Adopted Boy Date: 7-1-2019

    Is it a sin if I don't observe hijaab in front of my adopted son? I don't want to as it makes him feel like a stranger, and hurts him.Is there any way I can avoid hijab in front of him. .. More

  • What You Mentioned Is Not Disbelief Date: 7-1-2019

    Selam AleykumRecently something strange happened to me.I was playing on my gaming console and deleted unintenionally a game.At this moment i was very angry and insulted with words which are famous in bosnian for cursing.When i was cursing i turned my head to the sky like someone turns it during du‘a and then i had a strange feeling like i was meaning.. More

  • Conditions of the Interpretation of Scientific Miracles in the Quran Date: 7-1-2019

    I am sending this question again after receiving a mail. My previous Question Number: 2700642. Muslims are trying to discover scientific miracles from quran. a man proved that, earth moves because 'mahada' means cradle. (78:6) sadly, he found all mufassirs against him. some are inventing miracle instead of discovering. mirja tahir ahmed proved that,.. More

  • Very Obsessed With Whispers Date: 7-1-2019

    Assalamualaikum wrwb brother these days i am suffering from alot of waswasRecently i had a waswasa about forming the intention of umrah. To recheck in my heart i told a statement that i am forming an intention for umrah which i denied immediately. what happened then is at several other instances i again repeated the same statement in my mind as if i.. More

  • Driver Collects Washed Garments and Lies about the Price Date: 3-1-2019

    Assalamu-aleykoom, I have a driver who delivers my thobes (a Middle Eastern clothing) to a laundy service. They take 3 riyals per thobe to iron them, and the driver pays them from his own money and collects the receipts and every group of receipts he gives the receipts to me so I can pay him. Originally I didn't know how much they were taking, but then.. More

  • Women Getting Massages and Exposing The Awrah Date: 3-1-2019

    In the state of Kerala, there is a practice of women getting post-delivery massages from a qualified woman for around 40 days, around the abdomen and also for the whole body. The awrah is of course uncovered and the one being massaged is dressed very less. I too had these massages after delivery and then again for a few days at a time when I was facing.. More