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  • Nullification of ablution

    Before offering prayers and other particular acts of worship, one must be in a state of ritual purity. It is necessary therein to wash the parts of the body that are generally exposed to dirt or other impurities. This cleansing is called Wudhoo' (Ablution) and is performed as follows: 1. Have the intention that the act is for the purpose of worship.. More

  • Islam on dowry

    The Real Gift Islam has legislated the giving of the dower by the husband to the wife in order to please the woman’s heart and to honour her. It is also meant to bring an end to what was done in the Days of Ignorance wherein she was wronged, exploited, despised and robbed of her wealth. The dower is a right exclusively for the wife. It is her.. More

  • Trade transactions

    Allah, in His Noble Book, the Quran, and the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, through his honorable Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition), pointed out the rulings on transactions because of people's need for them; people in general need food, clothes, houses, vehicles and other necessities of life in addition to different luxuries which are obtained through.. More

  • Obligatory and optional aspects of ablution

    In Islam, ablution, or Wudhoo', is to wash one’s face, hands, arms, head and feet with water. Allah, the Most High, Says (what means): “O you who have believed! When you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles..." [Quran 5:6] Abu Hurayrah may.. More

  • The significance of Hijab

    It often occurs to me that many of our sisters in Islam are not correctly enlightened or encouraged once they begin to observe the requirements of Hijab (Islamic women's dress). It may be that a sister has been obliged to wear the Hijab without truly pondering over its superiority and uniqueness. Perhaps she has reached the age of puberty and her parents.. More

  • Common mistakes made during Jumu'ah

    Many of us go to the mosque on Friday as a matter of tradition and habit, without making the intention of worship, whereas an intention is a precondition for the Jumu'ah prayer and all other acts of worship.Increasingly, we see people staying up late, which causes them to miss Fajr prayer, leaving them to start their day having committed a great major.. More

  • Using Food for Cosmetic Purposes

    Allah The Almighty has created man in the best shape and form; He says (what means): · {He Created the heavens and earth in truth and Formed you and perfected your forms; and to Him is the [final] destination.} [Quran 64:3] · {Who Created you, Proportioned you, and Balanced you?} [Quran 82:7] Allah The Exalted created everything in.. More

  • Islamic banking in the digital age

    Islamic banking refers to a system of banking activities that is consistent with the Sharee'ah (Islamic law) and guided by Islamic economics. Thus, banking procedures including payment of Ribaa (usury or interest) is Haraam (Islamically prohibited). Islamic law also prohibits trading in financial risk (which is seen as a form of gambling), investing.. More

  • Islamic ruling on raffle-tickets

    This practice of raffle-tickets amounts to gambling. One of the arguments in favor of raffle tickets is that the scheme is widely used for philanthropic causes. It must be borne in mind that in Arabia, gambling in he times when the Quran was being revealed was no exception. In fact, owing to its "philanthropic aspect", gambling was considered.. More

  • Contemporary sodomy –II

    Real life stories: We have received many questions from Muslims who live in the west in this regard; the following are two examples: · I live in Canada. My sister has a bisexual boyfriend and does not see any problem in this; she even goes with him to a gay nightclub. She also believes that we should accept this type of person in our community... More

  • Contemporary sodomy - I

    The grave and evil act of sodomy has various names in the Arabic language, some of which mean: · The act of the people of Loot, may Allah exalt his mention. · Sodomy. · Homosexuality. · Entering a person from the rear. · Same-sex relationships. This evil act has become widespread in the west and is being practised.. More

  • The ruling of theft in Islam

    Theft is Haraam (forbidden) according to the Quran, Sunnah [sayings of Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam (may Allah exalt his mention)] and Ijmaa’ (scholarly consensus). Allah, the Most Exalted, has condemned this action and decreed an appropriate punishment for it. The Hadd [i.e. the legal punishment prescribed by the Sharee'ah (Islamic.. More

  • Etiquettes related to debt and loaning - I

    Many social problems result from loans because many people overlook the etiquettes which Islam legislated for the debtor and the creditor, and should the debtors and the creditors adhere to such etiquettes, then many problems would be solved. Some of these etiquettes regarding the creditor are to delay the debtor who is unable to pay on due time and.. More

  • Etiquettes related to debt and loaning - II

    The Debtor: Repaying the creditor on time: The debtor should take initiative to repay the creditor as soon as the loan is due. If the debtor is financially unable to repay it all, then at least he should start paying in installments if he possesses the money to do so. One should rush in repayment, because loans will be a hard thing on him in his gave. Repay.. More

  • Whom one is allowed to marry

    Marriage is the most essential social bond that maintains human society. It is the key step to establishing a family, which is the nucleus of society. Since the ultimate goal of creating human beings is to worship Allah Almighty, a Muslim has to look at marriage as a means of 'producing' human beings who will be future worshippers of Allah, which is.. More