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  • Inquiring about the faith of a professor Date: 20-2-2002

    What do you think about Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University and his opinions on Islamic doctrines of cosmology?.. More

  • Source of generations after Adam Date: 5-2-2002

    One of my friends had an argument with his Buddhist friend, his question hurt my friend's feelings very much but he had no answer for the question. So please shed some light on it. In Buddhist philosophy there is no god, every thing came from nature. According to their thoughts our concept of God and prophets are just fictions and fairy tales. He asked.. More

  • What Allah likes most, dislikes most Date: 1-7-2001

    What Allah (SW) likes most? What dislikes most?.. More

  • Plants as protectors from attack, such as stabbing or shooting Date: 27-6-2001

    A scholar told me that there are some plants which are blessed by Allah and have solutions for protecting you from a knife or even a gun. Is that true?.. More

  • Success in this world Date: 30-5-2001

    How to obtain success and prosperity in this world and the Hereafter? What kind of success does Islam want its Ummah to gain from this world? .. More

  • Creation of human beings on earth Date: 26-4-2001

    Please I want to know whether Nabi Adam (A.S) was the first human being on the earth? What is the history of earth before him? What is the approximate time of human beings on the earth? What is the Islamic attitude (hukm) of the person who says that Nabi Adam (A.S) is not the first man? .. More

  • Time for receiving answer Date: 19-4-2001

    How long time do you take to answer a question?.. More

  • A man's height and Islam Date: 21-3-2001

    Does a man's height have any significance in Islam? .. More

  • Useful tools to read Fatwaas on our site Date: 15-3-2001


  • Settling in new house Date: 17-2-2001

    What is the Sunnah way to settle in a newly built house ? .. More

  • Basic questions by new Muslims Date: 1-2-2001

    1 A new Muslimah does not wear her hijab in the countryside. Can the Jinn see her and should she cover her head when she is outdoors, even if there are no humansaround? 2 Another sister does not pray at work because there is no private place to pray. So she prays all her prayers late (after work). Is it permissible for her to pray sitting at her.. More

  • Signature containing the words Date: 7-1-2001

    My signature contains the words "ALLAHU AKBARU". Is this prohibited?.. More

  • Suspicion of theft Date: 3-1-2001

    I cannot locate or account for the disappearance of my camera. I suspect that a maid in my employ may have taken it, but I have no proof. Can I deduct the price of the camera from her salary, then return it later if I find she is innocent?.. More

  • Losses and debts due to injustice Date: 12-8-2000

    Assalamalaikum, I have the following question for your response and possible guidance . Jazakumullah Khair. If a person 'A' is not only deprived but also put to a great loss as a result of charges, which years later are proved to be mere accusations. 1) Who is responsible for the huge lossess incurred by 'A'? 2) If there are not only losses,but also.. More

  • Tried to commit suicide because of bad memory Date: 1-8-2000

    I have been married for some years and have children, and I am working. When I go for prayer, I can't remember anything. I read the Qur'an every day, but I cannot remember even a word. Even in school, I went to special education because I have such a bad memory. They took me to a doctor (psychologist). I tried to kill my self many times, but I could.. More