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  • A Layman Follows the most Knowledgeable and Pious Scholar Date: 2-4-2018

    Asalamo Alikom, I would like to ask regarding Sheikh giving Fatwa to someone who doesn't know the ruling or is conflicted and the Fatwa turns out wrong (in Sharia). If the sin is always on the Sheikh, then how can that be? For instance, someone can find some kind of Sheikh who says seeking help from Awliya is ok, when in fact it can be shirk. What are.. More

  • Meaning of Happiness Date: 27-3-2018

    assalam ala kaum, there is a hadeeth in which Prophet Muhammad Sallahu wassalam said that a spacious house is part of muslim happiness however Prophet Muhammad and many Salaf us saliheen are Poor. so how to understand this hadeeth.Jazakhallah khair .. More

  • Stories of Companions who Were Christians Date: 20-3-2018

    Salam. Are there any stories about Prophet Muhammad companions who were Christians before they become Muslims? Could you kindly refer me a couple of books to read of their background? .. More

  • Pocket Money from his Sinful Father Date: 19-3-2018

    Asalamo AlaikumWhat if someone's father has a halal earning but does not pay the electiricty bills and the water/gas bills of the house to the government.He also pays interest when he buys a new car.So what are the rulings to live with my father?Is it not allowed for me to borrow pocket money?Question2:What is meant by "denying the grace of ALLAH"?Question.. More

  • Mom did not Say a Word of disbelief Date: 19-3-2018

    My mum was watching the news on TV when the news channel said a small sized earthquake striked her native country. My mothers native country is a muslim country but haraam is rife. Corruption, alcohol, murder, rape and other major sin is very very common. My mum hearing about the the earthquake said. " Allah swt is giving them a warning with this small.. More

  • Not Obligatory on Parents to Pay Pocket Money to Children Date: 19-3-2018

    I wanted to know what does Islam say about the parents who do not give pocket money to their children? Are parents obliged to pay pocket money to their children for their use, if they [the children] reasonably spent? .. More

  • Al-Ghunyah by ‘Abdul Qaadir Al-Jeelaani Date: 19-3-2018

    Assalamou 'Alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh..1) Is the book "Al-Ghuniya" written by Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani ?2) Also, Is the book "Al Ghunya at Taalibeen" same as the book "Al-Ghuniya li Twaalib-il Haq" ?If they are not the same, then who authored these two books?Jazaak Allaahu Khayr .. More

  • Learning the Arabic Language Date: 12-3-2018

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu,I'm non-arab(indian),alhamdulillah I can understand the meaning of quran while reading in arabic but when memorizing quran thing which is confusing me is that same word which has fat'ha in last letter next time has damma & sometimes kasrah,I know it varies because of prepositions before it & depends.. More

  • Impermissible to Say ‘I Live for You.’ Date: 11-3-2018

    Assalam AlaikumWhat is the ruling on a person Which says to his girlfriend/boyfriend that he/she only lives for him/her.Because We live only for Allah So Is it a kind of major Kufr. Or What if someone sings a song contains these lines like .. More

  • Forgot Quran portions she Memorized in childhood Date: 6-3-2018

    AssalamualaykumWhen i was young maybe upto age 12-13 years, i memorised the Juzz Amma and some from the begining and maybe surah muzammil which i could not remember and haven't read in a long time. I wander if i would be accountable for not going over the chapter frequently and checking if i'm correct and re-memorising any bigger surahs? I was only.. More

  • That Girl Did not Say a Word of Kufr Date: 6-3-2018

    Assalamu alaikum!A 15 years old girl was frustrated by some problems, and she said "Even duas are not accepted and recitation of supplications (to find something lost etc) are all lies". Did she become a disbeliever thereby? .. More

  • Jews killed and Tried to Kill Prophets Date: 6-3-2018

    As salamu alaikum. We know that the Jews has bad traits, except a few among them. They killed many Prophets and Messengers that were sent to them. Is there any reasons on why they did not kill Prophet Musa and others, even though they disobeyed them many times? Is it because the Jews favor Prophets and Messengers who are strong and are from their lineage? .. More

  • Defense Job in Countries that Judge with Man-Made Laws Date: 6-3-2018

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhDear shaikh, is it permissible to work in defence of a country which is not governed by shariah Law? like bangladesh, Malaysia? Can one work as administrative officer/ legal/acount officer in the rank of airforce of Bangladesh or the country which is not governed by shariah law rather man made laws? .. More

  • Whispers when Performing Ablution and Prayer Date: 6-3-2018

    assalamu haleikumplz don't give me kind of wawas is extreme in wudu i reperform it everytime my underwear moves cause i think it's a fart and it's annoying and when im doing wudu i have doubts wether i washed something and in salah if i passed wind always everytime i can't do salah with full concentration i feel like bubbles tiny but they ain't.. More

  • Despaired that His Supplication is not Answered Date: 5-3-2018

    Hello I sent you a question yesterday and thank you for responding but sorry to say I didn't really understand your answer from the fatwas you sent me so I'm asking the question again. I haven't committed the major sins but I do commit some Minor sins as everyone does however when I make dua I feel as though Allah won't answer my dua due to my sins... More